Walker's XCEL 100 Digital Earmuffs

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Walker's XCEL 100 Digital Earmuffs combine sophisticated sound processing, intuitive menu navigation, and rich electronic control features with an intelligent, forward-thinking design and ergonomics that deliver a hearing protection and hearing enhancement system without precedent. In short: XCEL muffs detect loud noises and cuts them off immediately, while amplifying low-level conversations. XCEL 100 earmuffs allow you to select between 4 listening modes: Universal (for sound amplification), Speech Clarity (for enhancing verbal communication in noisy environments), High Frequency (tuned specifically to hear steel target impact at long distances), and Power Boost (amplifies sound across the full range of volume). Hi-gain Omni directional microphones enhance sound directionality, so you can tell where sound is coming from. The sound activated compression reacts in fractions of a second, providing NRR 26 dB hearing protection. Operational controls are on the headband for improved accessibility. Walker's XCEL 100 Digital Earmuffs feature a comfortable headband and ear cups. An auto shut-off function saves battery life. Operate on 2 AAA batteries (included).


  • Superb sound enhancement
  • Sound activated hearing protection
  • Omni directional microphones
  • Comfortable ear cups
  • 4 listening modes
  • NRR 26 dB

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