Woodhaven WH136 Ninja Hammer Diaphragm Call

Woodhaven WH136 Ninja Hammer Diaphragm Call

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Put the hammer down on big toms this season with the WoodHaven Custom Calls™ Ninja Hammer Mouth Turkey Call. Giving hunters a unique turkey sound that will broaden their turkey calling arsenal, this 3-reed mouth call features a brand new reed cut from WoodHaven for a user-friendly call with lots of backbone. Crank out attractive raspy yelps of an old hen, as well as high-pitched kee kee runs of a lost turkey, and then whistle to those soft clucks, purrs, and whines. This versatile mouth call helps you crank out lots of quality turkey sound. Made in USA.
Manufacturer model #: WH136.

  • Unique and versatile turkey sound from a user-friendly turkey call
  • 3-reed mouth call with new and unique Woodhaven cut
  • Attractive raspy yelps and high-pitched kee kee runs with lots of backbone
  • Versatile call also helps hunters deliver soft clucks, purrs, and whines

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